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All Heart here!

Made with copper hearts floating on a mixture of smokey vanilla glass with red glass at the base and top. The foil hearts oxidize in the kiln and turn a beautiful rusty red and glow from within. The glass panel is set on a sturdy light tan resin stand. 

Statement about the piece- It is all about Love. Sometimes it doesn't feel that easy and our hearts are heavy with fear, judgemet, and all the tribulalitons life can bring but we can choose to come from love, to begin again with love, to be gentler with ourselves and the world. The red glass shows some of the fear but the hearts are prominent. Come from love, lead with love, heal with love. 


This panel is thicker then some of my other panels but fits perfeclty with the ecoresin stand. 

6"x 11' (9' 3/4 w/out the stand) 4" deep with the stand. The Ecoresin stand is made with up to 40% recycled materials.

One of a kind,  handcrafted, kiln fired.

Wedding, Anniversary, Housewarming, Birthday, Valentines, Holidays...home, office, someone special or just for you, healingart- Heart Art!




'All Heart' Glass Panel

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