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Meet Sky Woman! A one-of-a-kind glass piece created with healing intention. Colorful, magical, inviting Sky Woman is a beautiful creation to grace your presence. Sky woman is made from a unique mix of ground glass that is first kiln fired separately and then refired on the panel. Her features rest on a beautiful streaky glass reminiscent of clouds in sky. She comes with a blue moon teal colored Ecoresin stand for display. The base material for the stand is up to 40% recycled materials.

Artist Statement about Sky Woman:

Sky Woman has gone through many transformations. Her eyes say it all. She sees everything, feels everything and represents creation, compassion and empowerment. There are many creation myths about Sky Woman in American Indian tribes such as the Iroquois. The idea of Sky Woman- came to me and I needed to create her in response to my emotional state regarding the fate of women in our world and also to state of our struggling planet as a whole. That is why her eyes can be see reflecting the earth and the ocean. Since then, I have read her stories and feel deeply blessed that she came to me.


Made with love, handcrafted, kiln fired

8”x 11 1/2 ”

4"deep (with stand)

'Sky Woman' - Glass Art Panel

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