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Oven Baked Clay

Classes, Parties, and Workshops

with Nikki Contini

For Kids


In this art party class, students will use colorful Polymer clay!  Very easy and fun to work with!! Imaginations go wild as students decide what to make: tiny creatures and miniatures of any kind including food, robots, unicorns, monsters, beautiful jewelry, pinch pots, magnets, ornaments, and other collectibles. Instructions, project ideas, and guidance are provided however party-goers are encouraged to create from their own vision! Students can make entire sets of characters and props for their imaginative stories and will be able to pull from Nikki’s large collection of recyclable supplies and art materials to complete their projects. We can focus on certain themes or keep it more general depending on what type of art polymer clay party you would like. 


Age: 6-12

Time :90 minutes 

$ 365 -includes 8 party goers!



  • Students will be given their own clay kits to work with for the clay party. Tools sanitized.

  • All clay, materials, supplies, finishing work, and glazing are included in the clay class. 

  • Most projects will be ready for taking home on the day of the event. 

  • Additional attendee fee $45pp


GENERAL INFORMATION for all Art Class Parties/Workshops


  • $200 deposit required for all art class parties, Remaining balance is due on the day of the art class party.

  • Cancellations are required 7 days before the event to receive a refund on deposit.   

  •  Included in all art class party classes: set-up/clean-up,  art materials, and supplies. (no materials fee) 

  • $50 Traveling Fee for Art parties/workshops out of Marin County

  • Time limits can be adjusted for any workshop.

  • Art party add-ons can be arranged for any workshop- such as goodie bags, cake, balloons, pizza/drinks,  etc. 

  • The fee for party add-ons is TBD and based on the types of add-ons you would like.  (Goodie bags, treats, party platter, etc) I am happy to make your art workshop party all that you want it to be and help with any details!!

  • Art Parties/workshops are held at your location- maximum of 14 participants unless otherwise arranged.  Includes protective table clothes, tables if needed (no chairs), packing, set up and break down. 

  • Please contact me for private classes or workshops.

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