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Uplift Collection

Inspirational fused glass with copper jewelry
Unique Fused Glass Jewelry by Nikki Contini          Spiral into yourself and Bloom!


Bohemian and Modern Boho styles:

  • Effortless, simple, fun to wear.                                                                                                     

  • All designs are made with niobium wire, Hypoallergenic, nickel-free.                                       

  • These unique and inspirational pieces make wonderful gifts or something special for yourself. 

  • All jewelry comes in a gift box or gift bag with a short inspirational note about the symbolism of the piece.                                                                                                     

  • Due to the organic nature of oxidation and because each piece is individually hand-cut, there may be slight variations in measurements and color.                                                                       

  • If you would like a custom piece, please contact me!


This collection includes jewelry made with thin pieces of copper that I cut or stamp into symbolic designs and then layer between 2 pieces of glass and fire in the kiln. The heat from the kiln oxidizes the copper into a beautiful deep red or red/orange color.  Wearing jewelry with copper is said to have not only physical but spiritual benefits. The collection comes in 2 colors: warm neutral vanilla or a soft yet empowering jade green. Feel free to mix and match your collection!


The spiritual effects of copper help to revitalize your mind, body, and spirit by promoting the flow of energy in the wearer. Since copper is a conductor of heat and electricity; it is also considered by many to be a conductor for one’s spiritual energy.


xtra pics butterlfy necklace 1.jpg

Uplift Collection

Butterfly... A butterfly can symbolize growth and change.  Absorb this state of positive transformation. You are moving forward and The Butterfly.

Uplift Collection

​Center (The dot)! Beautiful in its simplicity, The Dot Collection can be a centering touchpoint for you. A grounding symbol to remind you of your power and creativity. 

Green dot Earrings 1.jpg
White dragonfly bracelet 5.jpg

Uplift Collection

Dragonfly... Not only are dragonflies beautiful like you, they also have nearly 360° vision and can see a wider spectrum of colors than humans. Feel some DragonFly energy while wearing this collection - see the world in full color and soar with your own true colors and life visions!

Uplift Collection

Heart Power... Wear this collection and sparkle with love.  Feel the power of your heart- where intuition, intention, gratitude, forgiveness, and love live!

Copy of Green heart necklace 3.jpg
White stay Human Earrings 3.jpg

Uplift Collection

Stay Human... The sweet Stay Human design speaks to the reclamation of wonder and hope.  Feel the kindness and playfulness of this special collection. You deserve all the hugs and joy the world has to offer! 

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