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Dragonfly... Not only are dragonflies beautiful like you, but they also have nearly 360° vision and can see a wider spectrum of colors than humans. Feel some DragonFly energy while wearing this pendant- see the world in full color and soar with your own true colors and life visions!



  • Handmade Fused Glass cabochon, with French Vanilla Glass and the copper design of butterfly, dragonfly, heart, human, or the dot.

  • Antiqued bronzed bail

  •  Choice of 18” or 24” antique bronze chain with each pendant. Please specify when ordering.

  • Lightweight

  • DragonFly and Butterfly pendant dimensions- 1 ½” x1”

  • The heart, dot, and stay human pendant dimensions are 1’x1”

  • Due to the organic nature of oxidation and because each piece is individually hand-cut, and made to order, there may be slight variations in measurements and color.

White Dragonfly Necklace

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